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What up Playa!?

I kid you not. The title of my post comes directly from a story that was conveyed to me, ultimately, from the source of an intern from church. He went to play worship at some sort of lock-in, weekend retreat sort of thing. In a small group setting a student commenced to praying by addressing The Almighty with, “What up Playa!?”

Now, personally I don’t think I would ever start, nor would I teach any of my students to start a prayer this way, but I do think it somewhat clever and inspirational. Let me explain:

At first thought we might be appalled by the slang that is being used, but clearly in today’s society the connotation of “playa” is slightly misunderstood, as exhibited by this student. I would like to believe that if he truly knew what “playa” meant that he would not use this to address our Precious Lord. However, I think it beautiful that this student is fearless enough to be on the path of being spiritually disciplined enough to address Jesus as a friend. Is that really so wrong!?

The bible tells us first and foremost [Matthew 6:6] that when we pray, we should have a prayer closet, a holy, reserved place to observe the reverence of that of prayer. Then the bible also tells us in 1 Thessalonians, in a letter from Paul, to “…pray ceaselessly..” or never stop praying. If we are to find every available moment of the day to dialogue with God, to worship Him, and treat Him as if He were physically walking beside us at school or at work, why would we not seek a very personal relationship with Him? I think it is a shame that some feel as if prayer should only be reserved for church, meals, and times of need. If someone felt as if they were missing something in life, how come we can’t offer them the comfort of a relationship that doesn’t always have to be so 3-piece suit and formal. Instead we talk to Jesus as we walk down the hall and ask Him to look out for Bryan, or we give Him praise with a few words such as, “Thanks for getting me through that test.”

Maybe “what up playa!?” is a little off, but is it really?


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