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Teach Me God!

So I had an amazing opportunity today: This morning our service for our middle school students was a little different. We basically had a ‘typical’ church service and I had the chance to teach 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. WOW! God had led me talk about the differences between the act of worship and what worship should truly be. It is so funny, how sometimes, God can lay something on your heart, especially in the realm of teaching, and you can pour over it, and pour into it everything you have and ultimately God already knows where it is all going to lead. Following Andy Stanley’s guide to developing a message, and following my roadmap, and trying so hard to internalize my message, I had everything prepared for this morning. What does God do? He spent an hour teaching me as I attempted to bring honor and glory to His word!

It is a daily struggle to be the Christian God wants us to be. More often than I would like to admit, I don’t fulfill my own little personal goals when it comes to my walk with the Lord. But standing in the back of the MPC, I begin to realize the plan that God has set forth for the morning. It dawns on me that David is teaching the students about active, participatory worship through song. Immediately, the whole auditorium surrenders to God in worship and I can hear God telling me,

“See goofball. Sometimes you try way too hard when it comes to worshipping. Just let it flow, give me the reins and I will guide you.”

All I can say is, it is really cool how God works sometimes. I spent almost 3 solid weeks preparing that message and in about 30 seconds it all came to fruition with the ultimate point of what God wanted to teach me. Is there any better way to glorify God than to just simply surrender to Him?


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