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Our 1st Halloween!

Yeah so I know it is like 1 1/2 weeks late, but here is a picture of Lilli and her first halloween! As I have stated previously, we call her bug so it was only natural that she was a ladybug, rather a Lilli-bug, for her first halloween. I can’t believe that as of next week it will be eleven months and subsequently next month my beautiful little baby girl will 1 year old! Man, where does the time go!? I am going to try really hard to post some more even though the rest of the year is just going to get to busier and busier with the holidays coming. For those of you who don’t know, Lilli’s b-day is dec 16th. Our wedding anniversary is dec 24th, then you add thanksgiving and christmas and new years, we stay pretty busy.
But there is a lot to document over the next couple of months as well as, we just had some professional shots done of the whole family, so I will get those up as well.
Furthermore, I have plenty to share of the things God has been teaching me lately and some of those are still being put into words so as they culminate, they will be right here! God bless!


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