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Reflections on a year gone by…

Well where do I start!?

One year ago today we had been at the hospital for a little over 12 hours at this point and we were finally getting ready to wind down and take on our new adventure as parents. What an adventure it has been!

Being a dad is something I never even considered ten years ago and now here, and I am pretty darn good at it I think! So here I sit, just typing away my random thoughts about the amazing joys that Bug has brought to my life. I have had such an honor to watch life come into full focus through the eyes of a newborn and now as we enter the toddler phase. Just tonight, Lilli figured out that she could put on a ‘pouty’ face in order to get me to pick her up so she could fulfill her own wish to play with the remote control! Oh how fast my little girl has learned to bat her beautiful blue eyes at her daddy to get what she wants!

But not only have I had the tremendous joy of watching my daughter learn how to do some of the most simplest things in life, but maybe one day I will be able to sit down with her and tell her about how she was put into my life in order to teach me some of the most simplest things in life.

If Bug has done one thing, she has inspired me to commit to everyday memory that I need to be the spiritual leader in this house. God gave me this little girl in order to teach me the things that He has been telling me for years and I have been to human to listen. Springing forth from not only a physical desire to be the leader of this house, but a deep spiritual desire as well.

From this basic spiritual need to learn about being a leader to my family, I have learned to listen to God more intently. God gave us His Spirit so that we could be helped through life. God tells us that life is impossible without Him. When we can learn to embrace this, God teaches us He has a will for us all. Interestingly enough, this will is the same for us all, to enter into a loving relationship with our Father God. It is the extent of the mission in which we are called to carry out his will that differs for us all. We are all called to be ‘little priests,’ to carry the message of our Lord. I can only hope, through the grace of God, to bring light to people as it pertains to the message of Christ.

The extent of the mission is what I pray to be talking to you about more in the future. For now, enjoy life as sometimes it seems to pass by way too fast. Bug is growing and I am just glad I get to be a part of it.


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  1. your blog is very good……

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