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Isaiah 45:22

Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other (ESV).

I think alot of times, as Christians, we often sit around wondering,

“Ok, what’s next!? I have done the whole, I believe in Jesus bit, I got baptized, I go to church, I do missions, I even shared Jesus with my neighbor down the street like 4 years ago! Why do I still feel like I am in this revolving door of a lame, mundane life?”

Once we realize that being a part of the body of Christ is so much more than just going through the everyday, Sunday-morning Christian routine, we can begin to experience life abundantly (John 10:10). I digress regarding my original point to this post, but we should always remember that obtaining Holiness, God’s ultimate goal for all of us, is sought after through our relationship with Him.

Moving on to what I am getting at…do you ever wonder if you are hearing voices? Well, you are not crazy, but you are hearing voices. Everyday you and I struggle with discerning the voices of God and the Enemy. Our student ministry at LifePoint is moving through a series called voices and through last night’s service and my quiet time this morning, God spoke to me regarding the voices that adults hear even when we think might be some untouchable, I-walk-daily-with-God Christian. So I finish with students and head home to watch Lost, all the while I am struggling with the thought of hearing voices. “God I know not only were You speaking to that small group through me, but also You were speaking directly to me.” So what was God telling me? When I finally sat still enough to listen to what God was telling me, it came during my quiet time this morning. Isaiah 45:22. The verse posted at the beginning. Specifically the first part. “Turn to me and be saved..” But isnt this for non-believers and new-believers alike!? Well I think it depends if you are feeding on spiritual milk or spiritual meat.

As new believers we are fed spiritual milk as to say we are nurtured as ‘baby Christians.’ (1 Cor 3:2) Once we begin to grow in Christ and can really discern the differences between good and evil, we graduate to spiritual meat as our relationship grows with the Father. So as I ask God how this verse pertains to me, He says, “Dude being for new believers is the milk of this verse, the meat of the verse is what I am trying to show you if you will just be still and listen.”

Do we really turn our lives over to God in EVERYTHING we do!? Do we fully trust Him? That is the meat of this verse, “Turn to me and be saved!” When even as a Christian, new or mature, we begin hearing the Enemy tempting us to stray from our path, it is the simplest of sayings that gets thrown around everyday. We toss it back and forth, but is NOT cliche. We really do just need to turn to God and be saved from what keeps us from Him.


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