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RushHour Feb 2009

Tonight I was honored to be a part of the LifePoint Student Ministry outreach event for middle school students. Our events are called RushHour and tonights theme was “Iced Out.” There was an ice carver, snow cones, ice cream, huge inflatables, you get the idea. Basically this is all done for one major reason: to bring lost students to church. We encourage students to invest in and invite other students who do not regularly attend church here or elsewhere.

We do all of this listed above so that we can make all students as comfortable as possible, then we sit em down and preach the gospel. Chris Hollomon did a phenomonal job bringing the Word tonight. The best part of it all? We regularly have between 300-500 students on wednesday nights, when you combine middle and high school. Tonight? We had over 400 middle students alone!!! How many lost people got to hear God’s word tonight!?!?!? Awesome job students and Praise God the Father for stirring in the hearts of LifePoint Church.


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