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4 Beautiful Years

Well, today is my 4th anniversary. (for those of who you just went, “wait isnt it christmas eve!?”….yes we got married on christmas eve!) Where has the time gone!? In 4 years so much has happened and changed, the majority of it being documented below. (my daughter, hint hint) I just want to say Thank you Lord for the gift of my bride. Nancy, I love you will all that I can possibly give you and love having you stand by my side everyday. Here’s to the next 4 and the rest to come!


Bug’s 1st Pseudo-birthday…

So today we took time to celebrate with our extended family and closest friends, the occasion of Lilli’s 1st birthday. While I have a plethora of pictures and videos, I just dont feel completely right, officially documenting this occasion since her actual birthday is this coming tuesday, dec 16th. Check back here on tuesday to see the birthday girl in all her beauty!

Our 1st Halloween!

Yeah so I know it is like 1 1/2 weeks late, but here is a picture of Lilli and her first halloween! As I have stated previously, we call her bug so it was only natural that she was a ladybug, rather a Lilli-bug, for her first halloween. I can’t believe that as of next week it will be eleven months and subsequently next month my beautiful little baby girl will 1 year old! Man, where does the time go!? I am going to try really hard to post some more even though the rest of the year is just going to get to busier and busier with the holidays coming. For those of you who don’t know, Lilli’s b-day is dec 16th. Our wedding anniversary is dec 24th, then you add thanksgiving and christmas and new years, we stay pretty busy.
But there is a lot to document over the next couple of months as well as, we just had some professional shots done of the whole family, so I will get those up as well.
Furthermore, I have plenty to share of the things God has been teaching me lately and some of those are still being put into words so as they culminate, they will be right here! God bless!

Picture of my Bug!

We call her Bug. Here is the progression: Her name is Lilliana and when she was born we found ourselves calling her Lilli-bug (kind of like ladybug). It got shortened to bug when we were talking about her in third person and kind of stuck! So here she is: