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Bug’s 1st Pseudo-birthday…

So today we took time to celebrate with our extended family and closest friends, the occasion of Lilli’s 1st birthday. While I have a plethora of pictures and videos, I just dont feel completely right, officially documenting this occasion since her actual birthday is this coming tuesday, dec 16th. Check back here on tuesday to see the birthday girl in all her beauty!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who actually reads my little corner of the internet here. This time last year, Nancy was getting ready to pop with our child and now here we are one year later and Lilli gets to celebrate her first thanksgiving (well second actually we had thanksgiving with our small group last sunday).

I can honestly say that never before, in my life, have I been this close to my Lord, my Father, the source of yours and my salvation. All week long I have constantly reminded myself of what I am thankful for and what this holiday should really mean to all of us.

Thank you Nancy for being my rock and standing next to me no matter what. You are a blessing to me and are far more than anything I deserve. I love you!

Thank you Lilli for bringing so much joy and life to this family. I can’t wait to see the Godly woman that I pray you will become.

Most importantly, thank you God for everything You have given me. I am honored to be a manager of these blessing during my short time here on earth. Thank you for sending Your Spirit, that we might be able to understand Your word and enter into a loving relationship with You. Above all else, Thank You for sending Your Son that we might have a chance to spend eternity with You.

Today I pray that we won’t forget what we should be thankful for and that we dont just take one day a year to set aside a moment to thank you Lord for what You have done for us.

Enjoy the football and have a wonderful thanksgiving everyone!

Our 1st Halloween!

Yeah so I know it is like 1 1/2 weeks late, but here is a picture of Lilli and her first halloween! As I have stated previously, we call her bug so it was only natural that she was a ladybug, rather a Lilli-bug, for her first halloween. I can’t believe that as of next week it will be eleven months and subsequently next month my beautiful little baby girl will 1 year old! Man, where does the time go!? I am going to try really hard to post some more even though the rest of the year is just going to get to busier and busier with the holidays coming. For those of you who don’t know, Lilli’s b-day is dec 16th. Our wedding anniversary is dec 24th, then you add thanksgiving and christmas and new years, we stay pretty busy.
But there is a lot to document over the next couple of months as well as, we just had some professional shots done of the whole family, so I will get those up as well.
Furthermore, I have plenty to share of the things God has been teaching me lately and some of those are still being put into words so as they culminate, they will be right here! God bless!

Picture of my Bug!

We call her Bug. Here is the progression: Her name is Lilliana and when she was born we found ourselves calling her Lilli-bug (kind of like ladybug). It got shortened to bug when we were talking about her in third person and kind of stuck! So here she is:

Teach Me God!

So I had an amazing opportunity today: This morning our service for our middle school students was a little different. We basically had a ‘typical’ church service and I had the chance to teach 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. WOW! God had led me talk about the differences between the act of worship and what worship should truly be. It is so funny, how sometimes, God can lay something on your heart, especially in the realm of teaching, and you can pour over it, and pour into it everything you have and ultimately God already knows where it is all going to lead. Following Andy Stanley’s guide to developing a message, and following my roadmap, and trying so hard to internalize my message, I had everything prepared for this morning. What does God do? He spent an hour teaching me as I attempted to bring honor and glory to His word!

It is a daily struggle to be the Christian God wants us to be. More often than I would like to admit, I don’t fulfill my own little personal goals when it comes to my walk with the Lord. But standing in the back of the MPC, I begin to realize the plan that God has set forth for the morning. It dawns on me that David is teaching the students about active, participatory worship through song. Immediately, the whole auditorium surrenders to God in worship and I can hear God telling me,

“See goofball. Sometimes you try way too hard when it comes to worshipping. Just let it flow, give me the reins and I will guide you.”

All I can say is, it is really cool how God works sometimes. I spent almost 3 solid weeks preparing that message and in about 30 seconds it all came to fruition with the ultimate point of what God wanted to teach me. Is there any better way to glorify God than to just simply surrender to Him?

On the Road Again

Well here I sit in a hotel room on Strawberry Plains Pike in Knoxville. This is one of those portions of my job that I knew about it coming in and I don’t really mind it, but as Lilli is getting older each day I really don’t like it. I have never been one to ever get homesick or anything of the sorts. I went away to college (very close to where I am now – Carson-Newman) and I actually made excuses to not come home some weekends. Sorry mom & dad, but it is true! 🙂 But now that I have my own family, heck, I even miss my dogs!

But at least being on the road, things stay interesting. For instance, today my company sponsored a health fair that one of our larger customers put on today. Going in, we were under the impression that we were asked to participate in the health fair by helping out with registrations for education seminars and logistics type stuff. When we arrived we were directed to our booth. I loathe running booths at shows. Being in pharmaceutical wholesale this is something my job requires 4-5 times per year. Anyways, running a booth at this particular ‘health fair’ poses a slight conundrum. What is the point of a pharmaceutical wholesale company passing out literature about company to patients of an independent retail pharmacy. As far as we are concerned unless you have a pharmacy license and a DEA number, you can’t do business with us. I can’t tell you how many times I had to answer no regarding the question, “so can I buy drugs from you on the internet!?”

Not only am I already homesick, to make matters worse, I had to sit through this health fair ALL day. Glad I am getting paid for this!

It is hard though. Lilli is growing up so fast. Nine months old and trying to walk. She gets really frustrated when she can’t do things perfect the first time. (she gets that from her mama!) So the whole walking thing is interesting. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for her. I promise I will work on getting up some pictures of the family very, very soon.

Haven’t blogged in a little while…

Promise….got one coming. Will be out of town until Thursday and always have ample down time at the hotel. Stay tuned!